Villa Ghisi, Arnados Tinos


DIVINGThere are lots of activities to enjoy on Tinos, such as  swimming in the green-blue sea, water sports,  fishing and hiking.


HIKING2There are many tracks that were created during the past centuries due to the need for transporting goods from the fields to the ports, as well as for communication reasons. Nowadays there is a track network covering 63km that has been recently restored by the Regional Operational Programme of Southern Aegean. This is consisted of 10 hikes that have been mapped and marked so that there are easy to follow. We highly recommend this activity to those who wish to explore the beauty of the Tinian countryside:

  • Falatados-Mirsini-Livada-Faros
  • Xinara-Exombourgo-Koumaros-Skalados
  • Arnados-Kehrovouni-Mountados-Tripotamos-Exombourgo
  • Kionia-Ktikados-Chora
  • Falatados-Volax-Agapi
  • Mirsini-Tsiknias
  • Steni-Potamia-Lihnaftia
  • Dio Horia-Faneromeni-Agios Ioannis Porto
  • Kalloni-Koris Pyrgou-Platia-Pyrgos
  • Kardiani-Isternia-Pyrgos-MalasHIKING

The lunar scenery of “Volax” with its totally round rocks, create a huge natural attraction. The large rock (hill) of Exombourgo is also a great challenge for those who love climbing.

Tinos has been a popular hunting destination for a lot of years. During hunting season a lot of hunters arrive on the island. Turtle-doves, quails, woodcocks, thrush partridges, hares and wild rabbits are some of the preys to be encountered. Beware, though, of wild animal sanctuaries where hunting is prohibited.

FISHINGThe crystal clear waters and the difficult approach of some parts of Tinos, creates ideal fishing places for all kinds of fishing, such as spear-gun fishing, rod fishing and out on boats. Scuba diving and sea excursions with small boats are offered to explore the big blue.

There are certain beaches with strong winds and ideal conditions for can windsurfing.




You can rent surfing equipment, attend surfing lessons and surf at Kolympithra beach.

There are a lot daily excursions organized by our tourist agencies:

  • Tour around the island by bus.
  • Daily trips to Mykonos and Syros.
  • Daily trips to Delos, the famous Aegean island since ancient times. A ancient land of worship and the place with the most sunlight in the world.

Last but no least, if you don’t get to fill your day, the night life on the island is very interesting!