Villa Ghisi, Arnados Tinos




Tinos has many bays and every bay has a beach. There is a large variety of large and small beaches, organized and unspoiled, beaches with sand or pebbles, beaches protected from the winds or not, something you should seriously consider due to the very strong northern winds.

If you prefer an organized beach, you can visit the following:


Agios Fokas is the largest beach on the island and it is easily accessible even by foot from Chora.


Agia Kiriaki is a sandy beach with calm, clean and shallow waters, absolutely safe for families with children. This beach has a magnificent view to the island of Mykonos, specifically in the period of etesian winds that make the atmosphere transparent. Please take under consideration that the beach is exposed to northern winds.


Pachia Ammos

Laouti or Skilantar is a sandy beach with transparent waters and a sandy sea bed.


Porto is one of the  most popular beaches on the island. It is a large sandy beach with clean shallow waters, not affected by northern winds. It is ideal for families with young children.


Kionia is a large pebble beach close to Chora. It lays in front of the ruins of the ancient temple of Poseidon, the God of the Sea, and attracts many tourists.

Kolimbithra is actually consisted of  two separate beaches. The smaller one is fully organized and has a cosmopolitan flair, and the larger one is more tranquil. There is also a small lake with ducks and turtles nearby.




For those who prefer unspoiled beaches, we suggest the following:


Psili Ammos is a sandy beach.

Gastria is a secluded sandy beach with distinguishing white marble on its one side.

Balos, Vathi, Borni and Aspros Gialos are also secluded beaches that you can reach only by taxi boats. Vathi, thanks to its deep waters, is ideal for diving.

Apigania is one of the most beautiful sandy beaches on Tinos.

Agios Petros is a tranquil beach with white sand, crystal clear waters and a picturesque catholic chapel.



Mali is a tranquil, white pebbles beach on the northern part of the island.

Agia Thalassa is a calm beach with “interesting” seabed.

More beaches:

Agios Markos is a small bay with cool waters that attracts tourists thanks to its crystal clear waters.

Agios Romanos is a big, tranquil beach with sand and little pebbles.

Kalivia is a small, calm bay, ideal for families.



Giannaki is a beach with sand and pebbles, two taverns and natural shade provided by tamarisk trees.

Isternia is a cove consisted of two beaches, one with sand and one with pebbles.

Panormos is one of the most picturesque fish villages in Tinos.

Rochari is a spacious sandy beach at Panormos area and a great choice for youngsters.

Livada is a magnificent beach with pebbles and crystal blue deep waters, surrounded by strange big rocks.


Agia Thalassa


Santa Margarita is an secluded sandy beach.

Lichnaftia is a secluded beach with black and white pebbles.

Pachia Ammos is known for its unique green coloured sand that creates the illusion of grass when viewed from a certain distance.

Agios Sostis (Saint Sostis) a sandy beach with calm, clean and shallow waters, is the best choice for families with children.