Villa Ghisi, Arnados Tinos


tinosTinos is called the “Hand-made” island or “the island of artists”. It is the birthplace of great artists whose masterpieces made Tinos famous all over the world. Wherever you go wherever you look, you will see works of art such as pigeon houses, monastery cells, cottages, mills and traditional settlements. Beautiful marble transoms decorate the doors and windows of the houses. Some of the most important artists of Tinos are Giannoulis Chalepas, Nikolaos Gyzis, Nikiforos Lytras, Dimitrios Fillipotis, Lazaros Sochos and Georgios Vitalis. We highly recommend a visit to the traditional settlements (villages) of Pyrgos, Ysteria, Kardiani, Arnados, Triandaros, Ktikados, Falatados and Volax, in order to admire our renowned art. Last but not least we suggest attending one of many concerts, exhibitions, conventions and talks that take place during  summer and are organized by the  Municipality of Tinos and Tinos Cultural Foundation.




The following museums and collections are located at the yard of the Church of Panagia Evaggelistria:

  • Museum of Artists of Tinos
  • Museum of Antonios Sochos
  • Gallery with works of Greek and international artists
  • Exhibition of Ecclesiastic heirlooms
  • Sacristy


Even more museums and attractions can be found all over Tinos:

  • Archeological Museum (Chora)
  • Cultural Foundation of Tinos (Chora)
  • Ancient Temple of Poseidon and Amfitriti (Kionia)
  • Marble Museum of Piraeus Bank (Pyrgos)
  • Giannoulis Halepas house (Pyrgos)
  • Artists from Panomos (Pyrgos)
  • Costas Tsoclis Museum (Kampos)
  • Artists from Isternia (Isternia)
  • File of the Catholic bishopric and ecclesiastic heirlooms at Xinara
  • Folkloric Museum  of Arnados
  • Folkloric Museum of Loutra
  • Folkloric Museum of Volax
  • Folkloric Museum of Falatados
  • Folkloric Museum of Steni
  • Museum of the monastery of Kechrovouni with collections of 18th and 19th century icons and valuable ecclesiastic objects.
  • Monastery of Jesuits at Loutra