Villa Ghisi, Arnados Tinos



Kardiani Village

“Hand-made” island, a land of worship, change of scenery, crowded town picturesque villages, numerous beaches, are some of the elements which grant the trait of a unique island. Tinos has two aspects, Chora the Capital of the island and the inland towns and  coastal areas.

The Church of Panagia Evaggelistria dominates the capital of the island. Although the first impression of Chora is not very pleasant due to some apartment buildings that have been built among the very few neo-classical houses, a walk in the inner town will be worthwhile. There are public services, a health centre and banks in the centre of the town. There is a large market  on the two streets leading up to the Church where you will find all kinds of things, from small souvenirs and antiques to expensive jewellery. The religious element is intense as the island attracts thousands of worshippers.



As the sun goes down the scenery changes. Small tavernas in the picturesque streets open up, sounds of music are heard and youngsters fill the numerous cafes and bars. Another night filled with fun begins. Leaving the town you meet the inland and the scenery changes once again. Continuous hills, mountains, green plains, the round rocks of Volax, the huge sandy beaches and the traditional villages compose and imposing image.

The 45 excellently preserved traditional settlements that are littered mostly on the hilly areas of the island, are a spectacular sight. These settlements were built far away from the sea in order to avoid the pirates. Their arches, the arcades and mazed pathways are more than beautiful. In every village you will find a taverna and a traditional cafeneion to enjoy local dishes like Louza, sun-dried tomatoes, froutalia (a traditional omelet) and if you are lucky, the famous meat of Tinos and the delicious fresh fish.


Local people are very direct and friendly and they will soon initiate you to the traditional way of life.



Visit the museums and walk through the traditional arcades of the villages. The island has many bays, and every bay has a beach. There is a large variety of large and small beaches, organized and unspoiled, beaches with sand or pebbles, beaches protected from the winds or not, something you should seriously consider due to the very strong northern winds.



Volax is a unique village with Lunar scenery. Until today no one knows the origin of these rocks. There you will also find the last basket-makers.

Arnados is the village with the highest altitude and fantastic views. It is the village where you can see the biggest network of arcades in the Cyclades.




Tarabados with the valley of the pigeon houses and  Berderniaros a village that was totally renovated in the last 20 years are also worth visiting.


Falatados is famous for its grapes and “Raki”. Kardiani is a green village with plenty of water.

Ysternia and Pyrgos are the birthplaces of the greatest marble sculptors and artists, with museums and the School of Fine Arts.